Adoramapix: Standout Review.

Adoramapix just dropped a new wall decor option called Standouts. and I can't say enough about how great these are!

"Standouts feature an airy, lightweight backing available in two thicknesses. Give your images a subtle lift with ¼ inch mount or make them pop on a 1½ inch backing. Accent the vibrant colors of your photos with solid black or white finishes around the border."

My product, as always, was shipped fast and delivered on a better than normal time. I chose to get mine printed on Kodak Gloss paper on the 11x14 option (they offer many other sizes). Along with that I got a black backing at .75'' thickness. You have the option to get get white instead of black and can choose either .75'' or 1.5''. The product seemed sturdy and well printed, with vibrant color and matched the original image I had sent to be printed. Along with the features stated above there are also wholes embedded into the back of the standout so its simple process to attach to a wall with nails. 

Overall, I am very satisfied with this beautiful product and definitely recommend.

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